Maximum efficiency please.

With a higher working speed, considerably longer lifetime, and drastically reduced downtimes for maintenance, the new JDN Mini offers the lowest TCO values out there (Total Cost of Ownership).

Downtime is not an option.

Even with pressure fluctuations, the pneumatically driven JDN Mini maintains constant, fast, and precise performance. A paragon of reliability in use around the clock. Another big plus: Maintenance can be performed on-site without removing the JDN Mini.

Safety? That's our top priority!

Best example: the optional redundant support of the new JDN Mini. A brand new innovation on the world market developed to meet demand from specific customer segments. It will react if the structure on which the Mini is mounted fails.

I'm interested in the new Mini!

Easy maintenance
Longer lifetime
Sensitive control
Higher speed
More safety
Custom-fit configuration

20 years of product experience and attention to the suggestions of our customers

The new JDN Mini incorporates 20 years of experience with its predecessor model and the indispensable suggestions of many customers before and during new development. This has yielded nothing less than the highest benchmark in hoisting technology.

I'm interested in the new Mini!